Support Game Reviews – Gold III Lulu – 8/21/18

Support Game Reviews – Gold III Lulu – 8/21/18


Welcome to my weekly Support Game Review series, where I look over a sent-in Support game and teach others what they could’ve done better in their games to improve.

Today’s video is helping a Gold III Lulu player go over their game.

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  • Jarcies1

    December 29, 2018

    Thank you so much for the review, you totally ROASTED me ahaha. OK but seriously, you really brought these problems to my attention so I can definitely work on them now. My common problem with Lulu is definitely the passiveness for sure, and the map awareness/control is H U G E. So yeah, I'll throw in a progress game for review in some weeks. Thanks again!

  • manga creeper2

    December 29, 2018

    I'd like to put in a word for this guy, Playing passive is okay, but he's not itemized correctly for it. Aery is good: that's passive runes. Exhaust is good: that's your passive summoner. Spellthief is bad: you're better off taking coin. Save Spellthief for the Electrocute and Frostfang>hextech revolver games (in which you take ignite). TLDR, just take coin. Lulu CAN be played passively. Although my personal advice is use the build above and play like a Morgana in midgame during earlygame, as your damage is massive (think chunking enemies to half health once you have revolver).


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