Skibs Video Game Trailer

Skibs Video Game Trailer


Skibs is a minimalistic, psychedelic, infinite runner. Navigate down the endless multicolored wormhole surviving the skibs, these “power ups” that cause anomalies and try to kill you. If you can live long enough, you just might see some things, as this game is designed to explicitly cause visual illusions within skilled players.

Skibs is a unique game in that it uses geometric art to induce a motion aftereffect. Many video games of today use ultra realistic graphics to envelope players in fantasy worlds that seem like they could be real. Skibs on the other hand does more with less, giving players the option to visually enhance the real world around them.

Play if you dare!

Play on Android for free:

Buy for $0.99 on iOS:

Buy for $1 on PC/Mac/Linux:

Listen to the Skibs Soundtrack here:

Teaser trailer here:

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  • Stefan Sarrazin1

    February 24, 2019

    So the only thing u might see is the elites symbol, well it’s been rubbed on our face thoses last 100 years why not make a game on it
    Hope it will awake people or young players to do reasearch on the globalist and woke them up early to turn the tide in this world govern by just a handful of horrible persons

  • Cecilia Gardner2

    February 24, 2019

    This looks awesome!


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