[ NRE Podcast 11/19/2018 ] Stan Lee, Game Reviews, Netflix Pick

[ NRE Podcast 11/19/2018 ] Stan Lee, Game Reviews, Netflix Pick


And i’m back! The good ol’ NRE Podcast is making it’s return! If you have any awesome ideas for future topics or want to chime in on the topics of this podcast, blow up that comment section!

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  • ConservativimIsNeato1

    December 24, 2018

    Stan Lee hurried by me in a hallway once. I didn't have the $100 to meet him so that's my Stan Lee story. For as much as he changed the comics industry it's actually interesting to find out how much he really didnt do. I highly encourage you to look into Jack Kirby's role in ushering in the marvel age. In those days the artists would produce entire fully formed stories in art form. Stan Lee's brother would add most of the dialogue. Stan was probably more of a producer and business man. This was the famous "marvel method" as I understand it and can summarize it. It's just how things worked back then and I'm not denying him any props what so ever for his role in it. I'm just more from the school that marvel is " the house that Kirby built". Stan did finally concede to all of this and gave co credit where due, so good on him! I highly encourage you to start consuming Kirby's solo works in Mass quantities. The Fourth World books were awe inspiring!


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