FROSTPUNK On The Edge    – New Cinematic Trailer 2020

FROSTPUNK On The Edge – New Cinematic Trailer 2020


“They say the snow is dead. But we’ve learnt to the contrary.” – Samuel Robinson, Frostland Scout (1887, New London).

On The Edge expansion tells a story of citizens of New London sent for a special assignment after the Great Storm. It not only opens a brand new chapter set in the Frostpunk universe but also pits you against new challenges and offers unique mechanics, both in the city and on the Frostland map – further enriching the core experience.

A brand new, frozen board is set and the pieces are moving. What destiny lies ahead for your people? What will this mean for you, as their leader? Shape the future of humanity in Frostpunk’s final chapter – On The Edge.

Release: Summer 2020 / Windows Pc

DEVELOPER: 11 bit studios
PUBLISHER: 11 bit studios

Steam link:

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