Fallout 76 Is An Absolute Nightmare – This Is Why

Fallout 76 Is An Absolute Nightmare – This Is Why


Fallout 76 has arrived. It is an absolute NIGHTMARE and this is why. Fallout 76 has been the talk of the town for months, and with Bethesda getting some stern attention, this game was always going to be a prime target for a nightmare video.


The guy speaking in this video who wasn’t me was Gus Johnson, he is amazing and his channel is here:

I have reviewed basically every main Fallout game in my “is a nightmare – this is why” style, one way or another in mini segments within other videos, but Fallout 76 is the first video I’ve done dedicated to reviewing a Fallout game. I did Fallout 4 VR but honestly I reviewed the VR side, rather than the actual game.

I don’t think Fallout 76 is as bad as other Fallout fans, don’t get me wrong, it isn’t GOOD but for me that’s only because of technical problems on Bethesda’s servers, I actually think Fallout 76’s gameplay and map is really chill and fun, though it really should have more content.

I do not like the multiplayer aspects of Fallout 76 in the slightest, the PVP is a missed opportunity, and everyone else just gets in my way. As a result I mostly avoided them, so don’t talk about it much in the video.

Remix I used a couple times: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tl39KWu2T6U

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