Board Game Reviews – Borders of Kanta (Table Culture EP 16)

Board Game Reviews – Borders of Kanta (Table Culture EP 16)


Borders of Kanta is a Kickstarter funded game by Lorne Kletke and it’s launching on November 21st! This is a gamemeant to be played with a group of aspiring democrats! Set in the fictional realm of Kanta, the clans of the region had struck a fine balance of prosperity amongst themselves before a tragic plague overtook the land and forced everyone into isolation at Kanta City – now that the outbreak is over, your diplomats will head out to create new alliances amongst other travelling counsellors and generate wealth for your clans. Whoever ends up with the most gold at the end is declared the most prosperous!

You will use variable player powers to carve out a strategic path and by collecting action cards to help in reclaiming states that are occupied by water, by plague or to redistribute control via raids and uprisings you will work towards your goal of rebuilding Kanta. Each council member has the ability to speak up to three different languages and work to build alliance rings.

I highly enjoyed this game in each of the play-throughs I experienced and hope that you check out Lorne’s Kickstarter page yourself. This tile placement fantasy game is great for kids, adults and families!

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