12 BEST Upcoming Games | Cinematic Trailers 2019-2020

12 BEST Upcoming Games | Cinematic Trailers 2019-2020


Enjoy watching the 12 BEST Upcoming Video Games Cinematic Trailers of 2019 & 2020: Metro Exodus, Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, Death Stranding, Anthem, The Last of Us 2. Which one of these is your favorite?


0:00 League of Legends

3:19 Anthem

4:27 Metro Exodus

8:05 Chernobylite

8:58 Sekiro Shadows Die Twice

9:56 Rainbow Six Siege The Hammer and The Scalpel

14:13 Mortal Kombat 11

18:00 Total War Three Kingdoms

19:48 The Elder Scrolls Online Elswyer

22:01 The Last of Us Part II

26:37 Death Stranding

31:03 Apex Legends

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